BAV Crusher Buckets

BAV Crusher Buckets
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  • BAV Crusher Buckets
  • BAV-CB3-SM2
  • BAV-CB2-SM ny
  • BAV-CB12-SM3

Crusher Bucket Features:
•Removable grids (on CB3 and upwards) which enable two grades of output to be achieved; fine grade 0-50mm or coarse grade 0-100mm for faster processing speed.
•Powerful hydraulic jaw action is capable of crushing the hardest rock and concrete. On CB3 models and above, this is a twin-ram system.
•Replaceable tungsten carbide teeth give aggressive penetration and are also quick, cheap and simple to change.
•Hardened steel top-hat style bushings at the main jaw pivot, in both jaw and chassis fabrications, for long service life.
•Hardox 450 construction for high wear resistance and yield strength.
•Uses standard hydraulic circuit at machine pressure and flow – no adjustment required. See below for more details.


These crushing buckets enable an excavator to produce a graded aggregate from site rubble and are currently available for any digger from 2.5 to 25 tonnes with either a two-way auxiliary hydraulics (standard attachment circuit) or basic hydraulic hammer/breaker circuit, using our Auto-Crush valve. 
The powerful, low-frequency, high-force crushing action allows even the hardest concrete to be processed with ease and will even cope with rock.
This crushing process is highly resistant to blockages - thereby minimising costly downtime - and enables use on the widest variety of materials.
The design has no vulnerable parts or machinery on the bucket sides.

BAV CB2 Bucket Crusher for 2.5 to 3.5t ?mini & midi excavators
BAV CB3 Bucket Crusher for 3.5 to 6.0t mini & midi excavators
BAV CB8 Bucket Crusher for 6 to 9t mini & midi excavators
BAV CB12 Bucket Crusher for 10 to 16t crawler excavators
BAV CB20 Bucket Crusher for 18 to 25t crawler excavators