IR 3/4" 20V IMPACT, W7172-K22-EU KIT 2 x 20V,5Ah

IR 3/4" 20V IMPACT, W7172-K22-EU KIT 2 x 20V,5Ah
kr 10 727,20 Eks. MVA


  • IR 3/4" 20V IMPACT, W7172-K22-EU KIT 2 x 20V,5Ah
  • IR W7172.3
  • IR W7172.2
  • IR W7172

IR W7172-K22 EU KIT  3/4" Drive


Powerful brushless motor and impact mechanism are finely tuned for best in class power-to-weight ratio.
Includes the IQV Power Control System with 4 modes: Full Power, Half Power, Wrench Tight, and Hand Tight.
From axle nuts to oil pans, flange bolts to pre-torque joints there’s no need to switch tools.
Patented steel reinforced frame and impact-and-chemical resistant housing protects the W7172 from every day abuse.
The IQV brushless motor delivers more power and efficiency than a brushed motor, providing longer tool life.
8.5” short tip-to-tail design and 360° shadowless task light provides increased visibility and access.
Tuned impact mechanism with 1500 ft-lb nut-busting torque and 1000 ft-lb of MAX torque
Robust and durable all-metal drivetrain and hammer mechanism optimized for maximum power and efficiency
Variable-speed switch (half and full power only) with electronic brake provides maximum control of the tool and increases safety—release trigger, drive stops spinning 4 dimmable settings on the shadowless
360º LED light ring
Tough composite housing and patented steel-reinforced frame protects against aggressive fluids, chemicals and repeated drops
Ideally used for removing or fastening cradle bolts tire changing, fleet truck maintenance and in industrial and MRO settings
Weighs only 7.8 lbs (with BL2022 battery)
3-year warranty