Gedore 8320JL Wire rope cutter

Gedore 8320JL Wire rope cutter
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  • Gedore 8320JL Wire rope cutter
  • Gedore wire rope cutter 8320
  • Wire rope cutter

GEDORE 8320JL Wire rope cutter. - See video below.


Easy-to-change cutting plates
Cutting plates of powder metallurgical high-speed steel (HSS). Manufactured in the MIM process (Metal Injection Molding)
Extremely high durability compared to traditional wire rope cutters
Extremely soft shearing cut reliably prevents the wire rope from fanning out
Tip: Can be operated with one hand of an average size up to a 5 mm O. Therefore optimally suited as shears in an emergency at sea.
Jaws/Cutting edges:
Specially arched cutting edges
Easy to replace cutting plates if worn
Hardness 62 - 65 HRC
Low force needed due to the optimum cutting-edge geometry
Two integrated press profiles for Bowden cable terminal sleeves and cable end sleeves
Cutting performance:
Wire ropes up to 1800 N/mm2 with max. 6 mm O
(e.g. stainless steel wire ropes, wire ropes with steel and textile cores, Bowden cables, shears)
Wire up to 750 N/mm2 with max. 4 mm O
(e.g. nails/wire nails, screws, bolts, ceiling banners)
Single- and multi-core copper and aluminium cables with max. 6 mm O
Adjustable joint for precise cutting plate guidance
Latch to prevent unwanted opening
Handles: JL = with 2-component grip protection covers
Plier body hot drop-forged
Clear varnished